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To provide valuable information that will enable our customers make the best all round decision in the course of their investment in the Oil, gas and energy sectors of Nigerian economy.

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To be the leading oil, gas and energy services information provider in Nigeria.

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We provide consultancy services in the following areas in the oil and gas industry in Nigeria through our Engineering firm- Omega Resources Ltd...


UAE’s Latest Natural Gas Discovery Is A Gamechanger

The Persian Gulf is, without doubt, the most prominent oil and gas production area in the world. After decades of intensive exploration and production, the


Firm Linked To Lekoil Loan Scam Ready For Probe

A consultancy firm that allegedly arranged a fraudulent $184 million loan announced by Lekoil Ltd said on Wednesday that it is ready for an investigation


Nigeria’s Dangote Refinery to Start Operating in Early 2021

Nigeria’s Dangote refinery, which is being built privately by Africa’s richest man, is scheduled to be at full capacity in the middle of 2021. The


Best Practices in Advanced Data Science: Lessons for the Oil and Gas Industry

Key takeaways The oil and gas industry — which frequently operates at the cutting edge of science and engineering — stands to benefit considerably from


Our client intends to purchase of 40,000 tons DWT vessel for shipment of petroleum products. Kindly refer prospective sellers to contact our client by calling Jerry on 08033428103 or Bayo on 08188594559 including WhatsApp

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